Praxis Dr. Sieckmann

  • Praxis Dr. Sieckmann
    Dentist Identity

  • Dental-health is the profession of the new practice Dr. Sieckmann from Berlin. And we are already highlighting that in the logo. An abstraction of an initial Z (Z for Zähne – the german word for teeth) covers the entire appearance from printed matter through interior to screen, as an unifying design element – symbolizing the patient-doctor relationship. The four-color-concept is derived from the dental-quadrant-formula and is a visual link to the different main focuses. It also brightens the mood according to the brand promise: your smile will be happy.

Four Elements
Iconography Sieckmann
Sieckmann_Business Cards
Monochrom Stationary
Sieckmann Yellow
Sieckmann Red
Sieckmann Doors Interior
Sieckmann Business Card
Colour Combinations
Colour Combinations
Colour Combinations
4 Elements Combination